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Our TV show Satanic Show + Tell premieres Aug 1, on The Satanic Temple TV! First guest: Evan Michelson of Oddities.

the satanic temple television program Satanic Show + Tell host

As summer 2021 heats up, I have a fiery announcement… I have a web television show coming out August 1, on The Satanic Temple TV

“Satanic Show + Tell” was created by me and my co-host Dr. John Skutlin, and produced by William Morrison (of Ogre / Skinny Puppy, and executive producer of TSTTV).

♥ If you’re keen to see our show, please support by sharing this article — we really appreciate it! ♥

satanic tv hosts la carmina dr john skutlin tsttv

In each episode of “Satanic Show + Tell,” John and I interview notable guests about their rare Satanic objects. We hold in-depth discussions about their most delightfully devilish possessions, from Devilman guitars to pentagram jewelry.

evan michelson oddities discovery science tv show host star

We’re thrilled to the bones to share our first SS+T episode with you…. starring Evan Michelson, who you may know from the Discovery / Science Channel TV program, “Oddities!” 

For a sneak peek, see our Satanic Show + Tell intro teaser here. (Music by GPK Gothique Prince Ken.) Episode 1 comes out August 1, 2021.

cute kawaii satan puppet satanic temple toy plush

John, William and I have been having a hell of a time filming “Satanic Show + Tell” remotely over the past months, via Zoom. (I even created a kawaii Satan hand-puppet for Evan’s episode!)

We though the format of the program was particularly apt for these times, as it lets us connect with likeminded friends worldwide, and get an inside peek at their darkest collections.

evan michelson oddities satan puppet antique vintage devil

Here’s a screencap from our premiere episode with Evan Michelson (@evanobscura Instagram).

She gives us a tour of her home’s cabinet of curiosities, and tells the fascinating tales behind her Satanic collectibles — such as this scowling antique puppet. We also hear about her new oddities store, Obscura West in Lambertsville, NJ, which I can’t wait to visit.

the satanic temple tv station tst television episodes

Please take a moment to see the trailer of Satanic Show + Tell (on The Satanic Temple TV), and mark your calendars for the August 1 drop! 

So far, we’ve shot 6 episodes and our show guests include:

Keroppy Maeda, Japanese body modifications expert (bagelheads)
Family of Kirk Hammett of Metallica – Trevor White gives a tour of his classic horror/sci fi collections
Evan Michelson and Ryan Matthew Cohn of Oddities, TV show on Discovery Channel
Alex Streeter, pentagram Angel Heart ring designer
– Rhys Dawney, designer of Long Clothing / Boy London

neon pink mongolian lamb fur coat

The secret is out… “Get ready to pour yourself a libation of choice and settle down with some truly interesting individuals and their insights into all things dark and Satanic. Our first episode with Evan Michelson of Oddities airs on The Satanic Temple TV on Lughnasadh (August 1)!”

Click above and here to see the trailer for Satanic Show + Tell — the new television series on The Satanic Temple TV, created and hosted by La Carmina and Dr John Skutlin, and produced by William Morrison.

Description: “Show us, I pray thee, thy gory possessions!” Join award-winning Goth journalist / TV host La Carmina (@lacarmina) and cultural anthropologist Dr. John Skutlin (@drjohnskutlin) as they interview notable guests about their unusual Satanic possessions. In each entertaining episode, the prominent guest “shows” rare devilish objects – from Art Nouveau vampire statues to Japanese demon masks – and “tells” the fascinating, morbid stories behind them.

WATCH our new show on The Satanic Temple TV!

the satanic temple girl woman bipoc asian satanists color

Hail to everyone who made Satanic Show + Tell possible, and for your kind support in getting the word out! 

To celebrate the big news, I thought I’d release some bonus photos taken during my Millie Magazine shoot.

vancouver chinatown modeling asian canadian actress fashion model

We had fun shooting in Chinatown Vancouver. I’m wearing a pink Mongolian wool coat by Skandinavik Fur (the sheep are only sheared and not harmed), and pumpkin-faced stockings by UK Tights.

canadian asian model influencer instagrammer vancouver bc fashion blogger

Ready to be admitted to the Chinese Seniors Center… I’m wearing these exact black platform boots: Jeffrey Campbell Mexique shoes, click link for details.

e-girl makeup egirl eyeshadow hair eyelashes

My makeup for the shoot was by my longtime collaborator, Artist Jennifer Little — we’ve worked together on several magazine covers! Much of my makeup, including the mascara, brow pomade and liquid lipstick, is by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

My Harajuku-Goth hair is by Chad Mitchell Evans of BlameChad, who is brilliant with color and alternative styling.

vancouver chinatown lion statues british columbia lions

If I can’t be in Asia anytime soon, I can at least hang out with the lion guardians of Vancouver, BC’s Chinatown. These two white stone lion statues flank either side of the Millennium Gate.

vancouver instagram murals backdrops chinatown cute colorful wall art

There’s a large Asian population in Vancouver, so you’ll find plenty of kawaii pop culture around the city, including this colorful wall art.

lion statues vancouver bc chinatown gate

Wearing a vintage coat, Jeremy Scott leather mini skirt, and Forest Ink cutaway top.

pink purple hair gothic japanese kawaii hairstyle

I got this shearling coat in London years ago. It reminds me of the Almost Famous jacket.

pink mongolian lamb fur coat shaggy colorful jacket

Pink furry coat by Skandinavik, Halloween stockings by UK Tights, boots are Jeffrey Campbell Mexique (click to get).

miffy bunny face bag kawaii designer character bags purses

One day, I will turn into my final form: Miffy the bunny.

chinatown vancouver bc historic locations buildings

Founded in the 1880s, Vancouver’s Chinatown is now the largest in Canada, and one of the biggest in the world. Stroll around to see vibrant storefronts, architecture, food shops and more.

vancouver makeup artist jennifer little artistry blanche macdonald

Had to capture this makeup by Artist Jennifer Little, and hair by BlameChad.

vancouver quirky weird bizarre offbeat places travel

If I could teleport anywhere, I’d go to Japan and Hong Kong…

miffy bunny rabbit purse sanrio designer luxury bags

Hail Miffy, the original kawaii character.

pumpkin face halloween tights legwear goth spooky

Close-up on my black leather ankle boots: they’re Jeffrey Campbell Mexique, found here.

vancouver influencers celebrities popular instagram celebs bc

May the stone lion protectors keep us safe in this unstable world…

la carmina face closeup portrait stephen einhorn pearl earrings hoops

Closeup on my pearl hoop earrings by Stephen Einhorn; Aphrodite skull and Sailor Moon rings by Sapphire Studios.

vancouver portrait photography model outfit fashion shoots

I hope you enjoyed this fashion series! I was just in NYC, and shot many new outfits there… I’ll share the images with you soon, and you can see previews on @lacarmina Instagram.

satanic show and tell tv show evan michelson oddities host star

And please mark down August 1 — we’ll be releasing Ep 1 of our Satanic Show + Tell TV series, with guest Evan Michelson! (For now, check out the trailer on TST TV.)

day dead skulls colorful rainbow mexican sugar skull

In each episode, we interview guests from a variety of expert backgrounds (fashion, music, history) about their dark and devilish possessions. John and I also show and tell a belonging of our own, such as a sugar skull that I picked up in Mexico City.

mexican devil demon mask horns mexico satan

Honored to have Evan Michelson be our very first guest! You may remember that I appeared on an Oddities episode with her, and we were in Mexico together on a Day of the Dead trip — where I found these Mexican demon and skull masks above.

time magazine world's greatest places cover 2021 travel issue article osaka japan

In journalism news: I’m delighted to share that I have a byline in Time Magazine… I wrote a travel article about Osaka, Japan, highlighting the new Universal Studios Nintendo World!

You can read my Time Mag article here, and get it in print on newsstands now. (It is the TIME World’s Greatest Places 2021 issue.)

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♥ If you’re keen to see our new TV show, please support by sharing this article and Satanic Show + Tell trailer.— we really appreciate it! It debuts August 1st on The Satanic Temple TV. Thank you!


Join us On-Screen at Satanic Show + Tell Live! Apr 29 at The Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters Estate, TSTVHQ.

satan tv show, tst vhq satanic temple virtual estate live events performance

Friend of Satan, we have devilish news… La Carmina and Dr. John Skutlin are doing a LIVE “Satanic Show + Tell” event at The Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters (TSTVHQ) on April 29. And we want YOU to join us on-camera to share your devilish possessions! 

We are looking for 4 people to join us remotely on-screen (via Zoom) on Thursday, April 29, between 7-8 PM PT / 10-11 PM ET. (What better way to celebrate Hexennacht than at this live event, with us and your fellow Satanists?) 

For 10-15 minutes, we invite you to show us your Satanic possessions via Zoom, and tell the stories behind them. These items might include morbid art, devilish books, Baphomet toys, dark fashion… We take a broad view of “Satanic” and are excited to chat with you about your personal collections!

(Below are some of La Carmina’s collections, including a tote by Lucien Greaves available from The Satanic Temple Shop.)

satanic temple shop fashion t-shirts bags home goods lucien greaves art

How To Join “Satanic Show + Tell Live” 

– Please email ** gothiccarmina at gmail .com ** ASAP or send @lacarmina a DM, and let us know which 3-4 items you’d like to share at TSTVHQ.

– Please be available to appear at The Satanic Estate with us via Zoom on Thursday, April 29th, between 7-8 PM PT / 10-11 PM ET. We will assign you a 10-15 min time slot within this hour.

  • Our Upcoming The Satanic Temple TV Show

Dr John Skutlin and La Carmina are the creators and hosts of an upcoming web series on The Satanic Temple TV called “Satanic Show + Tell.” In each episode, we interview notable individuals about their unusual Satanic possessions. Each guest “shows” us their rare devilish objects – from Art Nouveau vampire statues to Japanese demon masks – and “tells” the fascinating, morbid stories behind them.

Our show guests include:
– Keroppy Maeda, Japanese body modification expert (bagel heads!)
– Family of Metallica’s Kirk Hammett – talking about his classic horror/sci fi collections 
– Evan Michelson and Ryan Matthew Cohn of “Oddities” TV show on Discovery Science Channel
– Alex Streeter, designer of the Angel Heart pentagram ring 

Join our April 29 “Satanic Show + Tell Live” for a glimpse of our upcoming Satanic Temple TV series, and to interact with us in real-time. As our catchphrase goes: “Show us, I pray thee, thy gory possessions!” (Below are some of Dr. John Skutlin’s Satanic films, books, and Baphomets.)

satanic books films baphomet goat statue satanist altar decor

  • TSTVHQ + How To Attend Our Live Event

The Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters is an online multi-room events space designed to feel like a Victorian mansion. TSTVHQ is celebrating Hexennacht between April 29 and May 3 with a variety of dark performers and lecturers. 

If you’d like to view our “Satanic Show + Tell Live” event, you can either purchase an April 29 single day pass (for our show at 7-8 PM PT on 4/29), or a full pass to the Satanic Estate (for all 5 days, Apr 29 – May 3). 

We look forward to seeing you there, and viewing your demonic collections live! 

satanic temple estate virtual headquarters satanist podcast tstvhq

I’ve attended many of The Satanic Estate’s events, which coincide with TST’s holidays such as Hexennacht. This unique platform lets you see a live performance (a Michelle Remembers parody reading, a Satanic Chef cooking demo, a history talk), and interact with others in the web chat and on-camera. John and I are delighted to be part of the April 29th event by doing a live Satanic Show + Tell! 

The caretakers of The Estate / Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters also launched a podcast called Tea Room Dialogues. I was a guest on their most recent episode, where I spilled the tea to Jack Matirko. We had a tasty conversation about death rituals worldwide, Satanic travel, dark subcultures, journalism and more – enjoy our chat.

And we’d love to learn about your demonic collections at our April 29 “Satanic Show + Tell Live” at The Estate!

To join us on-screen via Zoom, please email ** gothiccarmina at gmail .com ** ASAP or send @lacarmina a DM. Let us know which 3-4 items you’d like to share, and clear your calendar for April 29th, between 7-8 PM PT / 10-11 PM ET. We look forward to welcoming you!