The Hippest Hotel in New York! Paper Factory Hotel in Long Island City, Queens.

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While in New York for my recent TV shoot, I stayed at the newly-opened The Paper Factory Hotel. It’s a 100-year-old industrial space that has been transformed into an artsy hotel, with a magnificent view from the rooftop.

Come, and let’s explore a Factory that would delight Andy Warhol…

gal stern leggings, israeli pattern tights

How amazing is the NYC skyline from the hotel’s rooftop? (All images by Ryan Edwardson Photography)

I’m wearing hand-printed pattern tights c/o Gal Stern, a talented textile designer from Israel. My shoes are from Shinjuku Lumine.

new york skyline famous buildings

The purple knit top is Candy Stripper, found at Closet Child. My blue animal print dress is from Siam Discovery Center in Bangkok.

new york rooftop, graffiti roof

What a joy to explore this rooftop area, covered in intriguing graffiti like the words “Memento Mori.” This building has so much history: a century ago, it was a paper factory.

paper factory hotel, long island city

Today, it’s a 122-room hotel that is uber-modern and comfy, while preserving the historic manufacturing vibe. Old machine parts have become works of art, placed all around.

foosball machine, hipster boutique hotel nyc

Foosball, anyone?

manhattan skyline, tall buildings

The Paper Factory Hotel is located in an unexpected place: Long Island City / Astoria in Queens. (Address: 37-06 36th Street, Long Island City, New York).

Sounds far? Not at all: the location is just across the East River from Manhattan, and meters from two subway stops. Ride the metro for 15 minutes, and you’re in midtown.

red british telephone booth

“Moshi moshi?” I loved playing around with the eclectic objects around the hotel. These included a British telephone booth, Thai rickshaw, Vespa, and vintage kid-sized automobiles.

japanese selfies, iphone selfie taking

These days, the main function of phones is for selfie-taking, rather than making calls…

paper factory hotel, astoria queens

The Paper Factory Hotel cleverly pays tribute to its former incarnation. I noticed elements like a polished concrete floor, inset with clippings from 19th-century Queens newspapers.

nyc art hotel, ny coolest hotels

Althought I lived in Manhattan for years while attending school, I never explored Long Island City. Today, it’s become an emerging hip neighborhood, with a relaxed industrial vibe.

cool hip hotel new york

The lobby has a cafe — you can tell I’m pleased with my giant cup of coffee. Within walking distance, there were plenty of affordable local cafes and pubs. (And this area is safe, so don’t worry about walking around at night.)

paper factory hotel review, lobby

The staff was lovely, and I hope I can be back for the summer opening of Mundo, a earthy Mediterranean restaurant. The downstairs area may also be converted into a club or gallery space.

vintage tv, whitewall magazine

The Paper Factory Hotel often hosts art exhibits and workshops. They’re right by the Noguchi museum, MoMA PS1, and the Museum of the Moving Image.

blue green hair, v-finger selfies

I’m 100% behind their mission to encourage creativity and collaboration. The website states: “We will help connect you with other like-minded individuals so that you might perhaps motivate each other and restore innovation to all aspects of life.”

arty design hotel room, paper factory

My room was enormous — what a nice change from the usual cramped Manhattan spaces!

fixing hair in front of mirror

It even had a kitchenette and stand-alone mirror. I’m wearing a Moi-meme-moitie cemetery dress (Sleeping Garden print by Mana’s brand), and Gal Stern Flashback tights. You can shop her handmade legwear collection through her website.

white hotel robe, lounging on bed

I hope you’ll keep this hotel in mind, when you’re next visiting NY. Their site has special deals and lets you book online.

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Thanks to the Paper Factory Hotel for hosting me and my TV team. We were blown away by this view of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings!

la carmina portrait, new york city view

I had the best time shooting with photographer Ryan Edwardson, who is based in Toronto. He has a great eye for composition and capturing natural moments.

model photoshoot, new york rooftop

Here is a behind-the-scenes shot from our photoshoot on the rooftop.

girl drinking coffee, happy

Ryan caught my happy reaction to a sip of fresh coffee.

ryan edwardson photography, toronto photographer

He’s a world traveler and storyteller, and this comes across in his photography. If you’re looking for a Toronto photographer — whether for weddings, commercial projects, portraits — keep Ryan Edwardson in mind.

paper factory hotel room, interior decor
sleepy scottish fold cat

I still have more photos from this chic boutique hotel to show you. Until then, you can see previews (and cat, and current travels in South Africa and Asia) on my LaCarmina Instagram.

Have you been to New York, New York? What do you think of the Paper Factory, and the mood of these images?

PS: I’m on the cover of Kirameki Magazine, out July 15! Here’s a preview of my magazine cover – yes, I’m wearing Moi-meme-Moitie.



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    someday hope to drop by the hotel too or being able to meet up with u someday too

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    hotel looks fabulous!

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    It looks amazing there! :)

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    love this hotel
    my brother stayed here last month ^^

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    How amazing your in my city!

  19. Miss Kittensworth
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    Beautiful photos. I’ve lived in NYC my whole life and never knew about this hotel.

    What is the dress you are wearing in the last photo of you? It is gorgeous, I’m dying to know.

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    You mean the Hippest women in the Hippest hotel in New York.

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    industrial buildings are so beautiful! I love industrial style constructions, polished concrete and steel beams.

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