Gothic Lolita La Carmina with goth harajuku japan hair accessory.

Now that we’ve stuck a Poodle Wig on our heads, how shall we dress it up? The black miniature crown, worn slightly askew, is a staple for Goth Lolis. Here’s one on yours truly (but with 100% real hair! )

Suppurate System gothic metal jewelry.
Many Japanese designers make tiny crowns, but the glory goes to Suppurate System. Their handmade pieces ($85-135) are bent out of black metal, and then draped with the most decadent Gothic textures: velvet, barbs, dark cameos, dried flowers, feathers…

Goth hair accessories: black barbed wire crowns.
Suppurate System was founded in 1996 by Micael and Ryonai, formerly of the industrial unit Blam Honey. Their jewelry has been worn by artists such as Mana and Közi of Malice Mizer, You of Jeanne d’Arc, Kaoru of Dir en Grey, Kaya, and Kana.

Harajuku Goth jewelry and hairstyles.
The label’s masks, spiked eyepatches, and rusted “corruption beauty” pieces also deserve mention. And then there’s the “dummy pierced” earring chain that lets you hook together your earlobe and lip… without permanent damage. Not something you’d find at your local Claire’s!


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