Italian gosurori clothing interview.
† Name/URL: Hatsumi Chalini
† Age: 26
† Location: Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
† How were you introduced to Gothic Lolita fashion?
It was like 6 years ago, basically with some magazine scans in a internet forum and was amazed about it.
† What do you find appealing about GL style and culture?
The whole aesthetic of the concept draws attention to me, so elegant.
† What are your favorite GL clothing brands?
Oh I’m in love with the romantic punk style of Vivienne Westwood, such a fashion icon, but also some other brands like Putumayo, Atelier Boz, Miho Matsuda and Moi-même-Moitie, and even some original designs made by costume designers. (and mine, lol. I have this small brand of hand made accessories called “Lolitadoll Atelier”^ ^)
† Any other comments?
I found inspiration in different things, like music, movies, art and even friends! there is so much you can add to your own style ?

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