Gothic Lolita Bible, Mana, Victorian Maiden and Emily Temple Cute Japan brands.
† Name/URL: Marie
† Age: 19
† Location: California, USA
† How were you introduced to Gothic Lolita fashion?
It was such a long time ago! I saw it first through Mana the summer before high school started. Then through the website Blue Period I saw scans of Gothic & Lolita Bible. Though I loved it, at the time there was no way to buy the clothing through the internet, and I had absolutely no sewing skills. I bought my first dress in Japan after I graduated from high school and kept adding to my collection since then.
† What do you find appealing about GL style and culture?
I’ve always been into Victorian style and the overall elegance of it. I like to live in a dignified and sophisticated manner.
† What are your favorite GL clothing brands?
Emily Temple Cute, Victorian Maiden, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World.
† Any other comments?
Be creative!

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