Gothic Lolita clothes by Moi meme moitie, Atelier Boz and Alice and the Pirates.
† Name/URL: Klara
† Age: 16
† Location: Croatia
† How were you introduced to Gothic Lolita fashion?
When I was 15 I found out all about it through my friend, who is also into Lolita fashion. But, since I was very small, I loved Japan and wore “decora” when I was 13 and 14.^^ My best friend also buys Gothic & Lolita Bibles for a long time now, so we got interested in it through that too.
† What do you find appealing about GL style and culture?
It sounds like a typical answer- but I found myself in it! I really like everything about it and it really makes me happy looking at all the Lolita photos on internet or in different books.
† What are your favorite GL clothing brands?
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty – I also like brands more dark like Antique Beast and Moi-Même-Moitié (although I hardly ever find something I really like there, but sometimes it looks very elegant).
† Any other comments?
I have always been inspired by Sachi from the band Kokusyoku Sumire. She is so beautiful! I also love Maki, the designer of Angelic Pretty. I hope to wear this style as long as possible and as many Lolitas do, I also have a dream of making my own Lolita brand clothes one day.^^

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