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Ah-wahhh! I am Basil Yuen Farrow, a purebred Scottish fold cat. Inspired by Japan’s popular kitty blogs, my mommy La Carmina created this site to spread my kawaii (cuteness) to you!

女優ミア・ファローが以前飼っていた猫 紹介文(追加): スコティッシュフォールド可愛い太っている猫の写真とビデオ

♥ I’m famous on YouTube and Facebook (add me!). I’ve been written about in LA Times, The Village Voice and other publications.
♥ My mommy, La Carmina, has a popular Japanese fashion blog and Twitter. I am featured in her upcoming cookbook, Cute Yummy Time.


♥ NAME: Basil Yuen Farrow (add me on Facebook!)
♥ PARENTS: La Carmina and Ronan Farrow
♥ BIRTHDAY: April 21
♥ HOMETOWN: Bridgewater, CT
♥ BREED: Purebred Scottish Fold cat. (I’m on Wikipedia!)
♥ SEX: Male
♥ COLOR: Solid cream

From Story of My Life profile on La Carmina:

Two years ago she had Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house, a friend who happens to be the son of Mia Farrow! A cat stuck its round, furry head out from her friend Ronan’s desk and purred. It was love at first sight. With Mia away all the time, the cat was lonely. So, her furry new friend went to live with La Carmina. Named Basil Farrow, the cat belonged on the silver screen. He is from an acting family after all! So, Basil began making regular appearances on YouTube and La Carmina’s blog. The two enjoyed YouTube so much that La Carmina developed a Goth Cooking Show (http://www.youtube.com/lacarmina) for her YouTube channel and gave Basil a supporting role. She also used Basil as one of the main characters in her upcoming book, Cute Yummy Time. Attributing much of her business appeal to her furry best friend, La Carmina says that: “without him, La Carmina’s world wouldn’t be nearly as cute and cuddly!”

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Basil with his lovely grandma, Mia Farrow! See more photos of here.

Basil Farrow and owner, cute cat being carried by girl in arms, adorable yellow or orange fat furry kitty

♥ Submit your own Scottish Fold photos!

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