How to decorate a cat-friendly apartment! Cats interior design & furniture.

maison de toilette pour chats

Design a living space with creative, integrated cat furniture.

By La Carmina

When I moved into a new apartment with my Scottish Fold cat Basil Farrow, I wanted to create a space that accommodated us both. The interior decor had to be feline- friendly, yet integrate seamlessly into the overall design.

To design this concept apartment, which I called “The Maohaus,” I looked for luxurious objects that served dual purposes: such a litterbox that doubled as a modern sculpture. Here are 6 ways I brought my apartment to life, using natural fabrics and multi-functional objects that are enjoyable for both cats and humans.

cat walking on bed

Organic memory foam mattress by Essentia

Basil Farrow spends over half his waking life “cat-napping”, so it was important for me to find a high-performance mattress. The centerpiece of our bedroom is an organic mattress by Essentia, with two inches of memory foam that contour to the body. All of the materials are natural and non-toxic, such as rubber tree sap, plant extracts, and certified organic cotton.

Browse mattresses on Essentia’s website.

luxury memory foam dog pet bed

Ergonomic pet bed from Essentia

At first glance, visitors might not even realize this cushion is a memory foam pet bed, thanks to the subtle design. Both cats and dogs can lounge on the Kingston cushion, which comes in three different sizes, and is designed for comfort and durability.

Pamper your pets with an Essentia pet bed.

airport tag travel pillows

Airportag pillows in cat-friendly colors

I picked a lime-colored palette for my apartment because cats can only see limited shades of the rainbow: violets, blues, greens. Both of us can enjoy these cheerful Airportag pillows, which also reflect my passion for travel.

Find travel-themed goods on the Airportag website.

light green bedsheets, bed covers

Artisan, cotton bedding

I added a luxurious duvet by Allem Studio, makers of artisan bedding. The high quality cotton won’t get caught in my cat’s claws. This independent company produces a variety of eye-catching modern prints and double-sided designs.

Shop for pillowcases, bed sheets and more from Allem Studio.

cat in litterbox

An artistic litter box

Every cat owner must have a litterbox, but this object tends to be an eyesore. I was glad to find SinDesign’s Poopoopeedo, which doubles as a modern egg-sculpture. The beautifully-constructed litter box comes in seven colors, and splits apart for easy cleaning. The clever design includes a paw-shaped handle, scoop and two anti-smell tablets.

Order this innovative litter box from SinDesign.


Did our Maohaus inspire you to design a space that makes your kitty happy, without looking like a “crazy cat lady” house?

See more photos of my earless cat and our apartment on La Carmina blog.

luxury cat playground box

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