Scottish Fold cat watching Ronan Farrow Daily TV, on MSNBC! Big paws cream kitty.

scottish fold cat face

Basil Farrow is a smart kitty, you can tell from his sharp yellow eyes!

ronan farrow pet scottish fold

He always is alert and makes funny expressions. Looking a little annoyed here…

scottish fold kitten looking up

It’s always adorable when he looks up, with his round earless head.

ronan farrow cat, daily tv show msnbc

He loves to watch his father’s TV show, Ronan Farrow Daily (every weekday, 10am PT / 1pm ET, on MSNBC). Basil Farrow seems to be rolling on the floor laughing at Ronan’s Bengazi pun.

cat big yellow eyes peeking

Someone is watching you… Often, I’ll turn to see this round face peeking at me.

scottish fold dangling paws

Big sideways paws are great for dangling.

folded ears round head cat

Doesn’t Basil look like a teddy bear or owl?

triple folded ears, fold eared cat

He has the tiniest folded ears, which he can move and flip back.

show standard scottish fold breed

His ears need to be cleaned, since they are so small and tightly folded.

fat fluffy kitten

And while he is a “shorthair fur” Scottish Fold / British Shorthair, he has so much fluff that he needs to be Furminated regularly.

rare breed cute cat

Look at the thick folds of fur, which look like cracks or slices of bread.

cream colored fur cat

That’s a bear for sure.

nose profile, scottish fold cat

Scottish Folds are so cute from the side view: short snout, no nose. Similar to Persians, but less pushed in.

scottishfold baby kitten

What a kitten! For more Basil, visit his Facebook and see updates on our LaCarmina Tumblr.

cat yawning, big mouth

Yawn, time for bed!


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