Mia Farrow’s cat! Ronan Farrow Daily show begins Feb 24, MSNBC.

ronan farrow daily show

Have you heard? Basil Farrow’s dad, Ronan Farrow, has his own TV show starting Monday, Feb 24!

mia farrow and ronan farrow's cat

Ronan Farrow Daily will be on 5 days a week, on MSNBC.

cat paw on paper

Basil’s proud of his daddy! The show will focus on youth activism and world news, encouraging viewers to engage.

basil farrow, ronan farrow msnbc

Perhaps this Scottish Fold face will make an appearance?

cbc olympics pet cats cheering

Basil Farrow was also in the news recently… He was on the front page of the CBC Olympics website, waving a flag.

famous pet cat

We didn’t even submit it. A lot of people saw the CBC article, and told us.

scottish fold cat in bed

Funny how this plush-cheeked cat is so easily recognizable.

funny fold eared cat

There are other Scottish Fold cats with triple-folded ears and cream-colored fur…

scottish fold cat paws

But I’ve only seen one other with a brown teddy bear nose, like Basil’s.

cat suntanning on back

Lying upside down is another Scottish Fold trait.

cat paws feet legs

Same goes for the sideways ballerina feet.

smiling kitty face

Big cheeks mean a big smile.

scottish cat covered in scarf

Scottish Folds originated from a mutation in Scotland (all come from this ancestor, a white cat named Susie).

scottish fold cat ancestor breed

I think this plaid scarf from Edinburgh suits his heritabe well.

msnbc ronan farrow daily

We hope you’ll tune in to Ronan Farrow’s TV show on MSNBC!

ronan farrow's pet cat

Ronan raised Basil from the time he was a kitten.

famous pets, cats

Can you see the resemblance?

movie star cat

More updates and photos on Basil’s Facebook.


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