Types of Scottish Fold ears! Single, double, triple folded ear shapes.

scottish fold cat ears diagram, single folded ear, double-fold

We made a diagram, showing the three types of fold-ears in Scottish Fold cats!

Many of you asked about single, double and triple-folded ear varieties in Scottish Folds. As you can see in the close-up, Basil Farrow has three accordion-like folds that make his ears so tiny! Generally, the more desirable ear traits for this breed are — more folds, creating small ears with a nice shape, lying flat against the head.

scottish fold cat, triple folded ear

When you “unfold” it and look closely, you can see Basil has a great example of a triple-folded ear.

scottish fold ear types, tightly folded ears

He has a rounded head and face, with a short nose — an ideal profile for Scottish Folds.

cat looking down, tiny ears

A perfect circle, from every angle.

scottish fold cat winking, eye closed

Cats often wink to communicate!

cat face profile, short nose snout

This new Sony DSLR camera lens captures his thick fur.

ideal scottish fold cat breed show cats

Photo taken with a f 1.8, 50 mm lens, also known as Nifty Fifty.

folded ears types, scottish fold kitten

The 1.8 aperture creates the shallow depth of field seen here, or blurry background.

cat pink paw

This way, you can focus on one thing – a fat pink paw, for example – and blur out the rest, for a compelling image!

sony dslr lens, f 1.8, 50mm

The 50mm f/1.8 camera lens is ideal for portrait shots.

nifty fifty camera lens, shallow depth of field

Not all cats enjoy modeling, but Basil Farrow does.

owl face cat, scottish fold cat big eyes

He opens his big eyes wide, and looks straight at the camera!

bokeh, depth of field, f 1.8 50 mm lens

Love how this DSLR lens lets in a lot of light, and allows bokeh effects (those bright dots of light in the background).

small folded flat ears, scottish folds

Do you take photos of your pet?

short nose, scottishfold cat dangling

If you have a Scottish Fold cat, what type of folded ear does he or she have? Single, double, triple fold?

cat sitting on table edge

No matter which, Folds have the gentlest temperament and are so smart.

cat lying on table

For more, add Basil Farrow on Facebook. Maoo!


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