Scottish Fold cat watching Ronan Farrow Daily TV, on MSNBC! Big paws cream kitty.

scottish fold cat face

Basil Farrow is a smart kitty, you can tell from his sharp yellow eyes!

ronan farrow pet scottish fold

He always is alert and makes funny expressions. Looking a little annoyed here…

scottish fold kitten looking up

It’s always adorable when he looks up, with his round earless head.

ronan farrow cat, daily tv show msnbc

He loves to watch his father’s TV show, Ronan Farrow Daily (every weekday, 10am PT / 1pm ET, on MSNBC). Basil Farrow seems to be rolling on the floor laughing at Ronan’s Bengazi pun.

cat big yellow eyes peeking

Someone is watching you… Often, I’ll turn to see this round face peeking at me.

scottish fold dangling paws

Big sideways paws are great for dangling.

folded ears round head cat

Doesn’t Basil look like a teddy bear or owl?

triple folded ears, fold eared cat

He has the tiniest folded ears, which he can move and flip back.

show standard scottish fold breed

His ears need to be cleaned, since they are so small and tightly folded.

fat fluffy kitten

And while he is a “shorthair fur” Scottish Fold / British Shorthair, he has so much fluff that he needs to be Furminated regularly.

rare breed cute cat

Look at the thick folds of fur, which look like cracks or slices of bread.

cream colored fur cat

That’s a bear for sure.

nose profile, scottish fold cat

Scottish Folds are so cute from the side view: short snout, no nose. Similar to Persians, but less pushed in.

scottishfold baby kitten

What a kitten! For more Basil, visit his Facebook and see updates on our LaCarmina Tumblr.

cat yawning, big mouth

Yawn, time for bed!

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Japanese cat magazines rule! Scottish fold kittens on Japan magazine cover, 猫の雑誌.

scottish fold cat magazine covers

With their round and sweet faces, Scottish Fold cats are natural stars. No surprise that they’re on the cover of many cat magazines in Japan! (They make great center-FOLDS as well.)

scottish fold white fur

Since many of you were curious about Japanese “neko” magazines, here are some images from my collection. I got these zines at Book-Off (the used bookstore with many locations) for $1.50-3 each. New issues are sold at Kinokuniya and other major bookshops.


Crea Cat is my favorite of the bunch, since the pages emphasize cute photography, layouts and costumes. The Scottish Fold, with a bow-tie and speech bubble, is a perfect example.

crea cat magazine japan

Japanese “kawaii” is all about big, anime eyes… so this white fur foldy is the ideal model.

exotic shorthair cat in wig

I laughed so hard at this squish-faced Exotic Shorthair in a wig.

scottish fold cat origins, scotland uk

The magazine has a number of fun features, such as an article about the origins of different cat breeds. Scottish folds are of course from Scotland!

zura neko cat wigs

How ridiculous is this? “We are zura cats” means cats who look like they are wearing wigs, or black hairpieces…

zura cats, white cats black hair

This fold-eared fellow even has dark sideburns! Once again, the magazine puts him in a bow-tie, and takes photos from angles that emphasize his plumpness.

cat magazine layout

Unlike Western cat magazines, the layout is more “kawaii”, and you’ll find a lot of Scottish Folds and kitty costumes in the mix.

japan cat magazine photos

Here’s a feature about Japanese women and their cat companions. I spot an owl-face in there…

japanese cat crazy

… and here’s a black and white foldy called Aqua. Her home reminds me of a cat cafe, with so many “nekos” running around.

japanese stationmaster train cat

Japan’s cat magazines also do stories about famous felines, such as the stationmaster cat who wears a conductor’s cap.

scottish folds colors, ginger orange

Some pages are similar to Japanese fashion magazines. This one ranks the cats. A fold who looks a bit like Basil Farrow is #1!

scottish fold cat grey and white

An angry face, in the question and answer column. Isn’t it nice to see such a variety of Scottish folds?

cat cafe menu portraits

Can you spot two round-heads in here? Hint, one is doing the distinctive dangle.

flying cats

Apparently cats can fly. Note the cat’s face on the big building poster, at the bottom.

cats around the world, countries

Here’s a nice article about cats spotted during travels around the world.

scottish fold cat health issues

Other magazines, like Cat’s Heart (neko no kokoro), tackle more serious feline subject matter — such as proper grooming and massage techniques, and dealing with insect pests.

cat health digestion diagram

Poor foldy seems to be suffering from diarrhea! A diagram illustrates how food travels through a cat’s digestive system. Of course, the poop has a happy face.

cat doctor visit

After a trip to the vet, this kitten seems to be feeling better. Before long, he’ll be lying upside down again.

baby scottish fold longhair kitten

Finally, here’s a cute ad starring a ginger-orange Scottish Fold kitten. It advertises Aeon City, a huge pet supply store in Odaiba, Tokyo. In addition to the usual food and toys, they carry pet costumes, have a cooking studio, produce custom craft goods for pets, and even have oxygen capsules for dogs!

fat cat sitting on table

Basil Farrow and I hope you enjoyed this peek into the Jpop world of “neko magazines!”

*** If you’d like to see cute photos of Scottish Fold cats — yes, you do — add our Instagram, and our Facebook page (you can just click the button below.

cat depth of field dslr portrait

Could you see YOUR cat on the cover of one of these magazines? Which feature made you smile the most?

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Mia Farrow’s cat! Ronan Farrow Daily show begins Feb 24, MSNBC.

ronan farrow daily show

Have you heard? Basil Farrow’s dad, Ronan Farrow, has his own TV show starting Monday, Feb 24!

mia farrow and ronan farrow's cat

Ronan Farrow Daily will be on 5 days a week, on MSNBC.

cat paw on paper

Basil’s proud of his daddy! The show will focus on youth activism and world news, encouraging viewers to engage.

basil farrow, ronan farrow msnbc

Perhaps this Scottish Fold face will make an appearance?

cbc olympics pet cats cheering

Basil Farrow was also in the news recently… He was on the front page of the CBC Olympics website, waving a flag.

famous pet cat

We didn’t even submit it. A lot of people saw the CBC article, and told us.

scottish fold cat in bed

Funny how this plush-cheeked cat is so easily recognizable.

funny fold eared cat

There are other Scottish Fold cats with triple-folded ears and cream-colored fur…

scottish fold cat paws

But I’ve only seen one other with a brown teddy bear nose, like Basil’s.

cat suntanning on back

Lying upside down is another Scottish Fold trait.

cat paws feet legs

Same goes for the sideways ballerina feet.

smiling kitty face

Big cheeks mean a big smile.

scottish cat covered in scarf

Scottish Folds originated from a mutation in Scotland (all come from this ancestor, a white cat named Susie).

scottish fold cat ancestor breed

I think this plaid scarf from Edinburgh suits his heritabe well.

msnbc ronan farrow daily

We hope you’ll tune in to Ronan Farrow’s TV show on MSNBC!

ronan farrow's pet cat

Ronan raised Basil from the time he was a kitten.

famous pets, cats

Can you see the resemblance?

movie star cat

More updates and photos on Basil’s Facebook.

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